As a somatic therapist, I believe it is necessary to work with the body and the neural organization of the body in order to deeply heal. I use different techniques to facilitate healing at different levels of the nervous system. First, I will assess the levels of calming strategies and tolerance to emotions that a person has. If this is limited we will work to build these tools and to increase the window of tolerance for both negative and positive emotions. Self stabilizing techniques are needed to work through moments of powerful emotions and stabilize oneself in moment of overwhelm.  I assess for dissociation and if needed, we will treat any dissociation that needs attention before starting with any memory reprocessing. Memory reprocessing is done using somatic techniques, EMDR and relational therapy frameworks. I also work with deep brain reorganizing to help process shock and orienting disorganization. The work I do is not talk therapy, it is systematic trauma treatment and neural reorganization.


If we work in person, we may use the Neural organizaiton technique that is a kinesiologically-based treatement protocol designed to recognise any of the disorganisations that may be found within the neural programs of the primal surival systems. The treatment protocols are carefully followed to bring reorganisation back to many primal systems that can get turned off or malfunction due to physical and psychological traumas. This protocol is used in conjuction with the other trauma processing strategies listed under 'perspectives' on this website.


I believe once one can get to the underlying wound and process out the disorganization of the system, often they will find emotional and symptom relief. The body is a self organizing, self healing machine. If you provide the right conditions, healing and higher perspectives of consciousness are often experienced. When one works deeply with the neural programming of the body, healing can be more direct and faster. I believe the body is the way in to healing on deeper levels, higher states of consciousness, and spiritual experiences. 


Healing trauma is only the first step in the journey. Opening ourselves to higher wisdom, spiritual understanding, better health, a positive outlook on the journey of life, and increased intuition and healing gifts are why we are here. Our knowledge must come from within. We must clear the trauma out of nervous system so that we can start to have a direct relationship with our own knowing and answers. A way to experience the way forward with confidence and empowerment. 


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