Because each person's needs are very unique to them, I adapt to the individual needs of each person and use the appropriate skills necessary for their specific situations. I work on stabilization skills as well as processing the deep seated belief systems and trauma. You being informed of what is happening at all times is crucial for you to feel empowered through this process. This means we need to discuss and help you understand each step of treatment. Each step of the way you will understand why we need to use different skills and develop specific resources within you. Throughout the treatment process, I am dedicated to working with you to ensure that you have the necessary tools to manage your symptoms and continue to thrive.   


Psychotherapy can be hard at times but I will teach you skills to get through the process. I am dedicated to helping you reach your goals and have a life that fully expresses your own individuality. If you would like to talk or set up a consultation, please call my office to speak with me directly or email me to set up a time.  If we decide that I am the right therapist for you, we will schedule a time to start the journey together to help return you to complete mental health and a deeply satisfying life.


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